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Multi-Wire Diamond Wire Saw

Ideal for low to medium volume production house or R&D facility

RTD Series Multi-Wire Diamond Wire Saw

RTD Series Multi-Wire Saw


  • Processes Ingots up to 200mm diameter and 225mm long with as many as 300 slices at a time
  • Minimally destructive, low-kerf slicing with diamond wire increases yield by saving material
  • Simple, robust design minimizes maintenance costs and reduces downtime
  • Operator-friendly 15”, Color Touchscreen allows for simple programming of recipes and ease of use
  • Tangential cutting method for increased surface finish quality and decreased cut time
  • PLC controlled tensioning system with load cell feedback for accurate wire tension required for different wire sizes
  • Smallest footprint available in a multi-wire saw (1.3 m²)
  • Multiple wire break detection systems minimizes material loss due to wire breaks
  • CE compliant


  • Ideal for cutting hard and brittle materials such as: silicon, silicon carbide, quartz, fused silicon glass, ceramics, graphite, sapphire, germanium, etc.
  • Increased working speed over conventional slurry process
  • Adaptable design allows for many different process types from single-wire cropping to multi-wire slicing
  • Efficient wire usage - increases cutting speed and enables wire changes in minutes
  • Wire break detection is standard

Features of the RTD Series Multi-Wire Saws

  • Cuts extremely hard and or extremely brittle materials effectively and gently with superior finishes
  • Fantastic solution for sapphire, ceramics, quartz, optic glass, medical applications, compound semiconductors
  • Small footprint and low operating costs
  • Versatile multi-wire diamond saws bring efficient cutting with speed, precision, and material savings
Man in laboratory inspecting semiconductor wafer
Hard drive storage disk
Four surface preparation examples
Single-side polishing machine
Large boule being cut by a diamond wire
Smooth material example cuts

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