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Diamond Wire Slicing

Consumables and Tooling

Magnification of a diamond wire

Diamond Wire

Manufacturer of diamond slicing wire. Diameter range from 60 µm to 400 µm.

Key benefit -- reduced cost of ownership!  

Faster cut times:  

  • 6 - 8 times faster than slurry, application dependent
  • Increased capacity with lower capital expenditures
  • Faster ROI to justify initial capital investment

Roadmap to lower wafer cost and higher throughput:

  • Lower cost from reduced total cost of ownership
  • Less expensive secondary process costs
  • Re-use of wire
  • Reduced utilities

Reduce production complexity:

  • Reduced running costs such as electricity and cooling water
  • Bundled consumables for optimized processing  
Diamond wire slicing beams

IWT 710 Slicing Beams

With strong performance to improve global cutting results
Custom sizes available


  • Reduced cost ownership up to five times compared to competitive materials
  • Light weight results in lower shipping cost
  • Polyurethane technology contains no mineral filters reducing the risk of contaminating wire guide rolls and machine
  • Special design to maximize the lifetime
  • Custom shapes and sizes available to maximize efficiency
  • Easy to handle and compatible with water based cutting fluid
Diamond wire cutting fluids

Fluids for Slicing

We know how fluids are important part of the process.


To optimize and increase your productivity we provide:

Fluids for slicing:

  • WaferKool 2010
  • WaferKool 3010

WaferKool cutting fluids is an additive to the diamond wire saw application that enables optimal Cost of Ownership and producing less waste generation. This product is environmentally friendly and easily disposable.

Saw cleaners:

  • SawKleen: This product is environmentally friendly and easily disposable.

Please contact us for additional information. 

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Hard drive storage disk
Four surface preparation examples
Single-side polishing machine
Large boule being cut by a diamond wire
Smooth material example cuts

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