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Fine Grinding, Lapping & Polishing Machines

Custom design and build

Optimized for process and cost-of-ownership

All of the SOMOS IWT double-side, automated and custom production machines are engineered, designed and built for process and cost-of-ownership optimization.

In each case, several double-side machines can be integrated into the one process flow. This process flow can be sequenced with ultrasonic stations as well. Complete production lines thus allow all operations to be carried out in a fully automated manner.


OA 400
Automated Production Line

OA 400 lapping and polishing machine
  • Automated single-side lap
  • Cleaning
  • Single-side polish
  • Application: Precision Optics Components

TPM 400
Automated Production Line

TPM 400 automated lapping and polishing machine
  • Double-side lap
  • Ultrasonic clean
  • Double-side polish
  • Application: Production of planar precision optics components

TPM 630
Automated Production Line

TPM 630 automated lapping and polishing machine
  • Double-side fine grinding
  • Ultrasonic clean
  • Double-side polish
  • Application: Production of palnar ultra-precision optics components
MDF 5000 lapping and polishing machine

MDF 5000C - Automated Production Line

Two fully automated cells - single-side and double-side lap and polish, cleaning and control system. 

Application - Production of fuel injector parts at 140,000 units/day.

Lapping and polishing carriers
Large spool of diamond wire
Precision optic glass
LED glass examples
Close up of watch gearing
Wafer surface examples

Flag of the United States  Our products are designed and manufactured in North America.

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