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Large Format Single Wire Saw

For precision cropping applications up to 21" diameter

CR 500 large format diamond wire slicing machine

CR 500 Single Wire


  • Reel-to-reel design
  • Minimal number of pulleys to reduce non-cutting wire wear
  • Integrated load cells and optical wire position
  • Independant winders allow for rocking motion without the need for yoke plate
  • Large pulley (150 mm) design with dual grooves decreases wire fatigue and improves pulley life


  • Step and Repeat Process with indexing table for low to mid-volume production capability
  • Compact footprint to minimize space requirements
  • Adaptable from multi-wire to single-wire configuration in mintes allowing for the throughput of a multi-wire saw with the versatility of a single-wire saw
  • Increased working speed over conventional slurry process
  • High-end Yaskawa controls with load cell feedback for high wire speed and consistent tension control
  • Fixturing available for automated integration
  • Wire break detection is standard
Work Piece Dimensions Up to 525 mm Wide x 525 mm Tall x 525 mm Long
Work Table Indexing table is standard. Additional options upon request.
Saw Dimensions W: 1620 mm / 64"
H: 2000 mm / 79"
D: 1089 mm / 43"
Saw Weight (Max) 635-700 Kg
1400-543 Lbs
Diamond Wire Max capacity: Up to 10 km of 140 μm core wire
Power Requirements (V/f/A/ph) Standard: 480 V / 50-60 Hz 15 Amp 3 phase
Optional: 208-230 V / 50-60 Hz 30 Amp 3 phase
Wire Speed (m/s) max: 30 m/s
Tension 100 N
Fluid Tank Std: 64 Liter / 17 Gallon
Filter Bed: 189 Liter / 50 Gallon
Indexing Table Accuracy (mm) Standard: ±0.015
Optional: ±0.003

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